Job Crafting

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Focusing on talents to shape meaningful work

Creating space for your talent, motivations and those factors that give you energy at work: that is what job crafting is all about. How to support people in having more job satisfaction and in being more effective by tailoring their work to their strengths. 


The starting point is the influence an employee can have in connecting his/her job to their ambitions, talents and motivations. It is not only about ‘doing what you like ’, but about how to reshape the tasks that you do not like and that do not give you energy in a way that fits with your strengths. You can see job crafting as a pair of glasses that we provide for you to look at your job.

Learning to see what you are good at and in what way you can use your talents in your work. 

People who learn job crafting and start to apply it in to their own work experience more fun and energy, and become more effective. Often, a lot more is possible than you might think. An important result we see in our job crafting sessions is the powerful connection that arises between participants themselves as well as between participants and their colleagues and managers, who are involved on the sidelines.   


We can support job crafting with:

  • Individual coaching and discussions;
  • Working with teams on towards a common goal;
  • Open supply: short job crafting courses consisting of two or three meetings;
  • Discussions by telephone, text message, SMS-tool or e-mail coaching;
  • Professionalising career coaches and HR(D) professionals for supporting employees with job crafting within their own organisation.

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