Enthusiasm and happiness at work


Joyfully productive

Enthusiastic people feel energetic and love their job. That is why they are successful in the things they do. They work with passion and do not mind doing something extra to achieve the results they want. Research shows that employees that are enthusiastic are more productive, more customer-orientated, more loyal and fall ill less than others. On top of that, they think it is easier and more fun to work on renewal. It looks like it all comes about by itself, without any effort. That is not true. Enthusiastic people consciously focus on influencing their jobs. Job crafting increases their happiness at work. Organisations can help them by boosting responsibility and increasing the professional space, as well as by having conversations about talents and motivations.

We work on happiness at work from different perspectives:

  • Individual coaching: diminish the energy consumers and strengthen the energy boosters;
  • Team coaching: work towards a common goal that results from talent, energy and focus;
  • Consultation for organisations that realise there is a lack of enthusiasm;
  • Support HR professionals and managers in re-designing the P-conversations;
  • Presentations that stimulate people to think, open up the conversation within the organisation and provide tools to get to work with;
  • Research ways to strengthen the enthusiasm and happiness at work within the organisation.

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